Incredibly proud and grateful to have been part of this humbling project and achievement in sound as part of the audio team at PlayStation London.
I oversaw the Sound Design for a majority of UI, collectables, the Xeno-Archives and some creature tasks. Some of my personal highlights can be seen in this showreel below


2 thoughts on “RETURNAL

  1. Hey! I was talking to one of my coworkers about some of my favorite sounds in Returnal, and he linked me to your reel. It’s pretty much an exact match of my personal highlights in the game, you really killed it.

    I love how clean, bold, and liquidy it all sounds. Walks the line between organic vs synthetic in a cool way. Just awesome stuff all around, gonna stay at the top of my reference list for a while!


    1. Thanks a lot Noah! that’s an incredibly nice compliment. I just had a quick look on your portfolio as well, some wicked work in there too. Destiny and League are incredibly inspiring in their audio work, so getting feedback from someone like yourself feels extra amazing 😉
      All the best!

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